I am only publishing a random sample of reviews and testimonials in this page. The decision whether to invest in enhancing your trading and invetsment results is a very personal one. We all know that knowledge is power. In the financial markets, it is an edge! Without an edge, you are doomed to have only random results. Here is an opportunity for you to learn from someone who has a proven and highly regarded track record. And the testimonials below are just an expression of the value that students have received.


In the link below are some video testimonials from students in different parts of the world.

Video Testimonials


"I personally recommend the online  Elliott Wave course by Ramki Ramakrishnan to freshers & professionals alike. For someone like me, who is a fresher in Stock Market, Elliott online course by Ramki came as a blessing in disguise. It is very practical & crisp to the point to enhance both your Trading as well as Investments results.

After going through a bundle of books on Elliott Waves (which cost a bomb), where other writers talk more about the Theory & show perfect Charts with perfect patterns which don’t exist in real life Trading,... here Ramki gives examples of real world Charts which he personally traded,... or has mentored someone on that.  After going through the Online course,... I can only say that You will come out much better & sharper in your Trading skills with your added Elliott skills . A big Thanks to Ramki Sir for making this Elliott tutorial available online."

The above testimonial came from a Bollywood Celebrity who requested not to disclose his name for obvious reasons.


"I was lucky to have decided to take this web course. Second half of the course is for advanced learners, teaching how to use Elliott Wave in trading, showing real examples. A beginner like me needs to stop and take time to follow each lesson. But the way Ramki analyzes charts and labeling waves is so impressive. He is full of confidence and so persuasive. I will further learn Ramki’s way of Elliott Wave trading. The course is already far worth the money I paid. And the course is continuing. I recommend the course to my friends who are interested in trading without hesitation."

Mitch Tamura, Japan


I have subscribed for course on 25.04.2020(Invoice No EWI1304). Since then, I am completely immersed in the course. The credit goes to your simplistic and concept clearing approach filled with numerous examples. My approach to the market has completely changed since then. Thank you so much Sir.

Yogita Patil



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