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When I decided to develop this online course to teach how to use Elliott Waves in the real marketplace, I approached a market veteran for his views. He chooses to remain anonymous, so I will identify him just as Bob D.

He broke the market for Elliott Waves course into three broad segments.

  1. The inexperienced investor that does not understand either technical or fundamental analysis and too lazy to learn Elliott Waves.
  2. Experienced investors with a strong desire to enhance THEIR decisions and increase profitability via an application of both technical and fundamental analysis.
  3. Professionals who have tried almost every possible system to gain an edge.

He then broke down the above groups into sub groups.

  1. Those that watch or interact daily with the market.
  2. Those that cannot interact daily or weekly, but have a desire to position themselves for the best outcome possible and are willing to learn as they go.

Bob then went on with more insights. He said that people in both groups want facts (example-your career experience explained, which corroborates your success) and they wish to see success in real-time.....proof of their need to adhere to your recommendations/teachings in this Elliott Waves course. Once they confirm your worth, they will follow your teachings for about a market cycle and then figure they are smart enough to do it on their own.
Armed with the above sound advice, I crafted my online Elliott Waves course in such a way that whether you are just beginning your investing or trading career, or you are an experienced person who seeks to significantly enhance your performance in the market, you will find loads of useful tips and tricks in the course. I have also included examples where the market did not behave as planned! My goal is to make this course one of the most valuable resources available on Elliott Waves. It should transform your trading! 

Over the years, I have liberally shared my knowledge via my free blog at as well as the low-priced book, Five Waves To Financial Freedom: Learn Elliott Wave Analysis.  This online Elliott Waves course follows in that tradition, seeking to mostly cover the cost of maintenance. I plan to keep adding fresh and current examples over time, for as long as I can, so that you continue to receive additional value. If you have been searching for one program that can literally transform the way you approach the market, then you have arrived at the right place. Go ahead and make that decision to enroll now!

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Ramki has been quoted in most leading financial publications, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, The Financial Times, and The Economic Times. His market views have figured on Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, and Telerate. He has contributed regularly to Forbes, Market Watch (A Wall Street Journal publication) and Seeking Alpha.



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